“This is one of the best taught classes that I have had... All professors should aim to organize their classes like this.”

“Professor Scott was an exceptional professor, he is extremely active and energetic in teaching the material.”

“Outstanding professor! UHD has gained a caring and knowledgable new family member. If I had to do it all over again I would change my major to Marketing.”

“Exceptional insight that opens your eyes to the thought process behind marketing.”
“Dr. Davis is one of the best professors who I have come across.”
“You can tell that he loves what he does and has a passion for marketing.”
“Dr. Davis was incredible and his method of teaching is amazing.”
“Words cant explain how much I truly enjoyed Dr. Davis's course.”
“Professor Davis is very knowledgeable, likable, and his lectures were engaging and thought-provoking.”
“Scott Davis is very caring and genuinely wants you to learn about the subject of marketing. His lectures and videos were very engaging.”
“He is very vibrant and always seems to be genuinely happy to be teaching the class.”
“I love the discussions that we had over the cases. He was able to get the class to dig deeper.”